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Free Google Page Rank (Google PR) Lookup Tool

This tool help you to get your webste Google PageRank (Google PR) this method is one of the main methods Google uses to determine a page's importance.

More Important pages receive a higher PageRank and it will be more likely to appear at the top of Google search results.

Google PageRank (PR) value is a measure from 0 -10 .Google Pagerank is based on backlinks of the page.

If you get more quality backlinks that meaning higher google pagerank.

You can Improve your Google page rank by building quality backlinks and it's very important if you want to improve your search engine rankings.

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What is the page rank (Pagerank)?

The Google search engine uses the “Pagerank” algorithm (page rank), to present the websites that best relate to that search in the top positions.

The concept is very simple: If a web page is linked by many other people, then the page must be good.

The more people link the page, the better it is.

And if a linked page has a good PageRank, then links from that page to other websites also gain important value.

Pagerank is one of the decisive criteria to determine in which position a web page will appear in the search result.

As of version 5 of Microsoft Internet Explorer, there is the "Google Toolbar" (Google Toolbar), which automatically shows the Pagerank value of a page in graphical form, with numbers between 0 and 10.

In Mozilla and Firefox there is also an extension of Pagerank today.

Also the Google directory, based on the «Open Directory Project», shows the PageRank.

For now, this PageRank concept is used only by Google, but similar concepts may exist in some other search engines.

But since Google is currently the most significant search engine on the web, it is common for one to deal with the concept used in that search engine.

In summary, one of the most unique factors to be among the top positions of Google, is Pagerank.

From a Pagerank = 3, you can say that the page is good, but only from 5, we would say that it is among the best.

To improve the Pagerank of the page it is necessary that a link to it, be found in many other sites on the network.

These sites can be directories, search engines, classified ads, forums and other websites.